Friday, April 27, 2007

An UnMediated Life

An UnMediated Life
Kevin Shrum

It is my desire to live an unmediated life in a mediated world. Everything we experience in this life is mediated or filtered. It is filtered through TV, video, DVD, u-tube, my-space, face book, etc., and other forms of media. I can be there even if I'm not there, which gives me a false of sense of having been there. This explains to be the popularity of American Idol, all survivor type shows and MTV's Real World. We can sense the exhileration of winning without really winning, of surviving the impossible with really surviving the impossible and experiencing the reality of life and love by watching others struggle with the same.

For me, give it to me real - the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. No wonder I like camping!

An unmediated life is one that lives in the face of the full brunt of reality, unfiltered and unfettered. It can be brutal, but it is also liberating. It's like being in a forest and seeing things for the way they really are, rather than watching nature on the Discovery Channel.

That which is unmediated is crisp, real, surprising, shocking, refreshing. We live in a plastic, phoney-baloney world where everything is mediated, filtered. Give me the real - about the sinful, imperfect self; about the way things are. Let me face the wind and feel it in my face. For it is in the real where I meet the most real - Jesus Christ, God face to face.

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