Friday, March 16, 2007

Is Mohler Right on the Gay Gene Issue?

Is Mohler Right on the Gay Gene Issue?
Kevin Shrum

Recently, Southern Seminary President and leading evangelical spokesman, Dr. Albert Mohler, posed the question (in his March 2nd, blog piece): if it was definitely known that we could identify the gene that causes homosexuality in pre-born babies would it be ethically appropriate to remedy this malady with hormone therapy?

Mohler’s ‘conversation starter’ has certainly caused a stir, though, in my considered opinion, a stir that must take place. We have been on a collision course with the entire field of genetics for some time now. And as always, our scientific developments in this field have outpaced our ethical abilities to deal with what we are now capable of. Specific baby production, elimination of certain diseases, physical and even personality alteration capabilities are now within our grasp. The fear of ‘playing God’ is upon us.

While I agree that this subject needs to take place, I was disappointed that Mohler didn’t spend more time on the subject of original sin. This subject helps put the entire issue into focus. Let me explain.

For some years now I have been saying that the scientific community will find the ‘gay gene’ whether or not it existed. I have believed this because of what I see as a bias toward all things secular and open.

Further, for the sake of argument, I have always granted that the discovery of a ‘gay gene’ (and the gene that causes all other sins and maladies) does not, however, mean that such behavior is now right, natural or moral. I say this because of the Christian doctrine of original sin.

Scripture tells us that when Adam and Eve ‘fell’ in their sin that God pronounced four curses: God cursed the serpent, Satan (Gen. 3:14-15); God cursed the woman (Gen. 3:16); God cursed the man (Gen. 3:17-19); and, God cursed the earth or the natural order of things (Gen. 3:18-19). This final curse, I believe has affected all things – not just moral and spiritual things, but all things biological and systemic.

This is part of the reason behind natural disasters, that people contract cancer and die, and the reason for many other physical maladies plague us are all the result of sin in a ‘secondary sense.’ It would be like living in a contaminated room – all things are affected.

This means that just because we have mapped the human genetic code does not make all things right or permissible. My contention is that the DNA map is not the pot of gold at the end of the scientific rainbow because the map itself is corrupt. This is why the possible discovery of a ‘gay gene’ does not normalize homosexuality. It simply affirms the fact that sin has affected all things, spiritual, moral, physical and genetically. No wonder the entire creation groans for redemption (Rom. 8:22) and no wonder God will need to create a new heaven and a new earth (Rev. 21:5).

In this case, it may mean that treatments will be needed prior to birth and certainly after birth. But that subject is for another post.

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