Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thanks Dad!

Thanks Dad!
Kevin Shrum

Recent revelations of the sexual promiscuity of high-profile evangelical leaders like Ted Haggard, and now famed Southern Baptist evangelist/preacher/pastor, Rick Ousley, has once again caused a degree of melancholy to cast its long, gray shadow over my soul. Each time a leader falls I am reminded of how many of my college and seminary compatriots have not made it. I ask myself, “Will there be anybody left standing when it’s all said and done?”

Some of my friends have left the ministry due to frustration and burn-out; others left for financial reasons; some left because of family situations; and yes, some left because of infidelity. If you would have told me twenty-five years ago that so many of my friends and so many well-known ministers would not make it in the ministry I would have laughed. I laugh no more.

It makes me grateful for my dad. My dad is a godly man who pastored mainly large, county-seat type churches. He faithfully served these congregations, preaching and teaching God’s Word verse by verse. Along with my mother, he raised four children, all of which are in the ministry in some capacity.

My dad is still preaching revivals and now serves on staff at a church. He is as red-hot for Jesus now as he ever was. Mom and Dad are approaching 50 years of ministry together. Thanks mom and dad! Because of your example, and with the help of the Lord, I will love my wife and kids, preach the Word – I am determined to finish well (2 Timothy 4:6-8).


Jon said...

Amen to that, Kevin! Although I have not known your dad as long as you, I praise God for his faithfulness to Christ, to his family, and to the church of God.

Anonymous said...

I commend you on your public pledge to honor your wife, your family and your heavenly father.
We need more men like you Kevin.
God Bless.
San Diego, CA